This week’s thrift report

This thrift report will actually cover the best of the best for the past three weeks that I have been painfully absent from telling you about my finds.

Unfortunately this is the time of year that work ramps up and my drive to do anything else goes way down.

I have had to cut my thrifting down due to working longer hours and weekend days but I have still made some huge scores. Luckily, the busy season is almost over and soon I will have my weekends free again.

I found this awesome fiestaware canister (that sold in only two days).


I also found some nice silver plated pieces, a pair of tongs and two small bowls that just needed a little polish to shine brightly again.

I found these lovely aurora borealis earrings and hobnail bowls at a Good will that I don’t often frequent, along with this lovely Homer Laughlin platter that I think I might just keep, as it was only fifty cents.


But the best find within the past three weeks came on Memorial Day weekend. My husband and I, having already visited every other Goodwill store in our region decided to venture of the beaten path and try one we hadn’t before. It was a good thing we did, because there in the purse section with a $5 tag was this fabulous vintage Gucci tote bag in darn near mint condition. Good thing I had my 25% off coupon, right?gucci

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