First of the Season Blooms

Well summer is finally here in Northeast Ohio and it hit us like a semi- truck.


Luckily we did have a couple weeks between winter and the 90 degree days we are seeing now, I suppose you could call it spring.



I was able to gather some nice bouquets of our “spring” flowers before they went out of bloom because of a week of rain and heat. I pulled some lily-of-the-valley, iris, lambs ear and cut some beautiful lilac off the tree as well to make some small bouquets for my desk and to give as gifts.

I was also able to get all of my flower starts into the garden. These include snapdragon, marigold, and zinnia and everything else in between. Because I am only growing to cut for myself and a small farmer’s market crowd I keep this area of my garden pretty small.


This week also marks the beginning (and end) of our peony season. I have been blessed with another bountiful harvest and many have made their way to cold storage so that they remain in good condition for weeks to come for sales or my own personal use.



What is growing in your flower garden right now?

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  1. It’s always so interesting to see what is blooming in other areas of the country (we are in the Pacific Northwest)… Our irises and azaleas have been finished up for a couple of weeks and the lilies are now starting to bloom along with the roses, sage blossoms and calendulas. Crazily enough even our granny smith apple has two inch fruits on it already! Fortunately we only had a couple of days of summer weather then it went back to mild Spring weather in the 70s!


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