My #pinterestwin

I am seeing Jadeite everywhere on Pinterest lately. I am giving it my stamp of approval as the color of early spring 2018.


I have never found any REAL Jadite on my many trips to the thrift shop, and that’s ok, according to Pinterest making my own upcycled “jadeite” was easy-peasy with a things from my local Hobby Lobby.


I actually had to make a Hobby Lobby run for another project (more on that later) so I decided to purchase the Krylon brand ‘Pistachio’ spray paint that my Pinterest told me to use for the upcycling project. I also purchased a can of clear polyurethane to seal it with once I was done.

start (2)

I found an old milk glass planter at the Goodwill near me, it was pretty dirty, but was marked at $1, so I paid about 80 cents after my coupon. I took it home and soaked it in bleach water for about an hour and all of the gunk came right off. After it completely air dried I took it outside and propped it up on an old diaper box.

start (1)


I followed the instructions on the Krylon spray paint can, spraying multiple light coats in a side-to-side motion and soon I had a beautiful pistachio color. Now, in the future I will stop after a couple coats as I think the color was a little more iridescent after two coats than after the third one, but for a first time I was still pretty pleased with the outcome. After about an hour of dry time I came in with the polyurethane seal and then let it dry overnight.



I am really pleased with the outcome of this project. I am going to fill it with succulents and give it as a gift to one of my coworkers. Adorable!

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