When you know spring has sprung.


Yesterday my husband and I took a walk around the garden to see what was coming up. The weather in our area has been very rainy lately so we still haven’t been able to work the ground enough to plant our broccoli and other early spring greens. We are hopeful that that can take place by the end of this week.

In addition to our garden at home, which is about 100 feet x 40 feet, this year we also have a spot in the community garden in town where I will be growing most of my cutting flowers. Talk about Happy!

In the fall my husband and I planted over 300 garlic cloves, they are all now coming up and taking up tons of real estate. We are thinking about planting in between the rows to use up some of the space- we haven’t decided what we will plant yet, but it will more than likely be some leafy greens like spinach or leaf lettuce or even may be some herbs.


Last fall we also planted two rhubarb plants, I have never grown rhubarb before but I vividly remember being a young child at my grandmother’s and reaching for a piece of raw rhubarb while she was baking. How gross. The adult in me tells me that the Strawberry Rhubarb jam recipe that I keep seeing on Pinterest will change the way I feel about it. Fingers crossed.


The last spot we hit was our flower beds in the front of our home. Right now they are chock full of my favorite spring flower, the deer resistant daffodil. About 200 bulbs were gifted to me by a friend of mine and are a cheery mix called “Sunshine Boys” from Colorblends.


We are so ready for spring and to really get in to the swing of planting!


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