This week’s thrift report


I took a vacation day Thursday, and boy oh boy it was fantastic. Not only did I sleep in (yay, the boys cooperated!!!) but also I did a ton of thrifting. A TON! And it was good thrifting. I hit some hot finds. Here are a few highlights.

I found this beautiful strand of Aurora Borealis crystal necklaces. It was originally $7.99 but was put on sale for 75% with the tag color. SCORE! The cake stand that it is sitting on was another huge score for only $1.50.


I also found these two awesome creamers- one a white Moo Cow and one a vintage Irish Carrigaline Pottery in brown and butterscotch. How fun!

butter dish

I found a Robinson Ransbottom crock that is in awesome condition as well as a 16” HUGE Homer Laughlin Eggshell Georgian Platter that is just beautiful and is my desired print of “cashmere”.

My huge win of the week was these two globes. Never mind the Pyrex sitting next to them that I had to peel out of my hands (it was WAY overpriced). I picked both of them up for around $10 each after my coupon and one is a vintage solid wood.

goodwill shelf

A few notables that I will be keeping include two GAP dresses (for me), an Under Armour pull over for my husband and some old silverplate silverware. All for under $30! Score.

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