What did I do with my spare time before I had a Cricut?


I recently received an original Cricut cutting machine. Don’t ask me which model- I just know it’s old. My mother’s friend passed it to her when she upgraded and my mother passed it to me when she finally upgraded. It sat in the box for a couple months until I felt brave enough to give it a try. It still uses those cartridges, you know the ones you can’t find in stores anywhere. I finally found the “market street fonts” cartridge on Amazon.com and now I am in business. The concept of the this machine is so cool I don’t know how I haven’t been suckered into purchasing one of the new ones that you can design on your computer with… at any rate, I’ll start with the fonts and move on from there.

market street

In my weekly thrift trip I picked up a couple clear class items to decorate and a white mug. All of the glassware was under 50 cents each and the mug was 33 cents with my coupon. After cleaning the glassware thoroughly I ran a swab with alcohol over it, as this was the instruction I got to make sure that the vinyl Cricut letters would firmly stick. I chose to use black vinyl sheets that I picked up when JoANNs was having a buy one get one sale on Cricut paper.


I did a quick Pinterest check to see what kind of cute sayings I should use to decorate the glassware and then I went to work. “Going to work” with an older style Cricut is SUPER simple, you just use the keypad to spell out the words or symbols you want cut and select “cut”. After the letters had been cut I applied them to the glassware. Adorable! I can’t wait to do more projects this way.


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