Trend Forecast 2018- Houseplants

Have you been eyeing spring issues of your favorite home and garden magazines that are hitting shelves now? Every room looks crisp and meticulously decorated, farmhouse, shabby chic, Mediterranean, and boho, all perfectly styled. If you look closely every one includes a houseplant. Houseplants are trending big time, and it’s time you hopped on that trend to update your space. Here is the list of the trendiest houseplants of 2018, look for them at a store near you.


  1. Philodendron Swiss Cheese – Holy Philodendron! Well, holey philodendron at least—a trailing philodendron that needs only medium indirect light and will put on a show spilling out of a hanging container, a member of the monstera familyPHILODENDRON
  2. Pilea Pepperomoides – The Chinese money plant was the most Pinterested plant of 2017, but I predict it will keep it’s title going into 2018. Keep it in the sun, but not direct sunlight or it will burn- that is if you can get your hands on one!PILEA PEP
  3. Bromeliads- Bromeliads, with their bright colors and extremely long life are a workhorse for indoor color even in the coldest winter months. They love light, but not blazing direct sun, they match every interior color in existence and did I mention they last FOREVER?BROMELIADS
  4. String of pearls- The whimsy of string of pearls is undeniable, keep these in high light area but avoid direct sun so they don’t burn up, and remember they are a succulent, so no need to over water.
  5. Sanseveria Cylindrical – The cylindrical sanseveria have the same light and water needs as traditional snake plants, but these look like a pot of spears or porcupine quills and give your space a huge modern updateSANSEVERIA (1)
  6. Cactus- Cactus have caught on in a big way lately, and there are a multitude of varieties to choose from. These can look modern or rustic depending on the containers that you have them in, and since they require very little water it’s a great plant for those who may be a little “forgetful”
  7. Hoya Carnosa – You might already be seeing these in your Insta-feed, and there’s a reason why hoya are fast growing, easy care and can be grown in a hanging basket or a pot on a shelf. You can also choose from green, variegated, or even a pink variegated variety!HOYA
  8. Ficus Audrey- Adios Fiddle Leaf Fig tree (well, maybe not!) there’s a new ficus in town, Ficus Audrey has the same look as the super popular fiddle leaf but with matte leaves and a better disposition than the popular ficus lyrata, which can be finicky inside.FICUS

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