Venison Jerky Making- for Beginners

I recently tried my hand at making venison jerky for the first time. This is actually my first time making ANY jerky so my learning curve was steep on this project.

I had a few venison roasts that were taking up space in my freezer so I set them out to defrost. A quick Pinterest search gave me some ideas for “recipes” but I figured I would do my own for the most part. One important tip my search DID turn up was that is better for you to keep the venison semi frozen so that it was easy to get super thin slices.


After slicing up the venison- about 4 pounds worth, into quarter inch slices going with the grain I placed all the meat into a large Tupperware and began adding the marinade. Now please note, this is not going to be a perfect recipe, I made it up as I went. You should adjust to your own tastes, the point of the marinade is just to get the flavor going- no matter which flavor you choose.

The seasonings I added for the marinade were as follows- one half a jar of Aldi’s Korean Bulgogi sauce, about a half cup of soy sauce, and some worcestershire sauce- the Giant Eagle smoky type. Then I added about three heaping tablespoons of minced garlic, crushed black pepper, red pepper flakes and some ginger powder. I tossed all the meat in the Tupperware so that it was all liberally coated in the marinade and threw the container in the fridge overnight.

jerky marinade

The next day I preheated the oven to 200 degrees. I placed cookie cooling racks on top of two of my largest sheet pans. I laid all the meat slices flat on top of the sheets and stuck both sheets in the oven. (Could you use a dehydrator for this step YES! Do I own one? NO.) Per a tip that I found on the web, I used a crushed up soda can to prop the oven door open, this part is important to dry the meat rather than bake it.

jerky after overnight

After what seemed like forever, but was really no more than 5 hours the jerky was dry enough to take out of the oven, I tested it by just eating a piece- tasted like jerky, jerky consistency- all good.

This jerky tasted fantastic. I mean really, really good, better than store bought.

jerky done

To keep this jerky fresh, store it in an air tight container and hide it from your husband and children, because this won’t last long.

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