Thrift Early and Often

The Importance of Thrifting Early and Often


When you are thrifting for profit it is important to thrift early and often. I work outside of the home over forty hours a week already so sometimes going often is not a possibility for me. So when I do go on the weekends I hit multiple locations as early as possible. I do not live in an affluent area, so I do travel to a couple communities around me that are more upscale, but all the locations are within a fifteen to twenty minute drive. I am often there when the doors open, coupons in hand, ready to see what the 50% off color is.

This week my husband came with me, believe it or not he has an uncanny eye at the thrift store. His best find to date was this amazing cheese tray. If our home was burning down I would grab my children and this cheese tray that’s how much I love it. And he scored it on his lunch hour for only $6…


This week he did equally as well, finding this Green glass and sterling silver compote!


A few other notable items from this week include a set of Pyrex bowls, a Rae Dunn Christmas Mug, and two (COUNT EM TWO) tea settings of Homer Laughlin Co. Fiesta ware!


All of these items, plus a few that didn’t make the cut for this article ( a new hanging light for my husband to use in the garage, a tin picnic basket my Aunt fell in love with, two red glass birds by Leo Ward for my personal collection, and a red depression glass bowl) we purchased for under $30 total. I am certain if we had not set out early I would have missed out on nearly all of these finds as they are all sought after items.

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  1. DeDe says:

    Love your blog. I am your Aunt’s friend and I can’t wait to see the tin!

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