The Corpse Flower blooms!

My 9-5 (well 7-5) job is in a greenhouse. It can get hectic at times – like right now in April- but every once in a while I get to see something really new or exciting that I have never seen before and it makes the job really interesting and relieves some of the stress.


A few months ago we hired a new maintenance man, he’s a carnivorous and exotic plant fanatic. He brought with him a corpse flower bulb. That’s right everyone, a CORPSE FLOWER. The corpse flower is every plant geeks dream! How exciting, right?


When he first brought it in it looked like a bulb with a one foot spike. Over the course of three weeks it grew to over five feet tall.

corpse 3

Yesterday, it bloomed. Holy rotten corpse flower smell. In my head leading up to the bloom I had convinced myself it wouldn’t be that bad. I was wrong.

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